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procedure GetFieldList(List: TList<TField>; const FieldNames: string); overload;
procedure GetFieldList(List: TList; const FieldNames: string); overload; deprecated 'Use overloaded method instead';


void __fastcall GetFieldList(System::Generics::Collections::TList__1<TField*>* List, const System::UnicodeString FieldNames)/* overload */;
void __fastcall GetFieldList _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE1("Use overloaded method instead") (System::Classes::TList* List, const System::UnicodeString FieldNames)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Data.DB TDataSet


Retrieves a specified set of field objects into a list.

Call GetFieldList to copy a specified set of field objects into a list object created and maintained by the application.

List is the TList object into which to copy the field objects. FieldNames is a string containing the name of the fields to copy. Each field name in the string must be separated from other field names with a semicolon. GetFieldList builds a list that contains only the field objects for which it finds a matching name in the dataset's list of field objects.

Note: Applications do not normally call GetFieldList to copy field objects. Field objects are directly accessible through the dataset itself. In some cases, however, it can be useful to work with a copy of a field object or its data instead of working on the actual object in the dataset.

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