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property InternalCalcFields: Boolean read FInternalCalcFields;


__property bool InternalCalcFields = {read=FInternalCalcFields, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Data.DB TDataSet


Indicates whether the dataset includes internally calculated fields.

Read InternalCalcFields to discover if the dataset includes fields whose values are provided by the data source but that are not a fields in the physical database table or query. Internally calculated fields are calculated by SQL servers or the Borland Database Engine in a live query view.

On TClientDataSet, internally calculated fields are stored with the rest of the data, allowing the developer to sort and filter on the calculated fields. However, internally calculated fields on client datasets are not updated when the data they depend on is updated.

Note: Do not confuse internally calculated fields with calculated fields, which are computed in an OnCalcFields event.

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