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property AsCurrency: Currency read GetAsCurrency write SetAsCurrency;


__property System::Currency AsCurrency = {read=GetAsCurrency, write=SetAsCurrency};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TField


Represents the field's value as a Currency value.

Use AsCurrency to read the value of the field's data into an object or variable of type Currency or to assign a Currency value to the contents of the field.

As implemented by TField, reading AsCurrency returns the value of AsFloat converted to a Currency value, and setting AsCurrency sets the AsFloat property after converting a supplied Currency value to a double. Some TField descendants override AsCurrency to work directly with Currency values rather than implicitly converting between the Currency type and doubles.

Note: If the field does not support double values, the field component raises an exception when an attempt is made to get or set the AsFloat or AsCurrency property.

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