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property CurValue: Variant read GetCurValue;


__property System::Variant CurValue = {read=GetCurValue};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TField


Represents the current value of the field component including changes made by other users of the database.

Use CurValue to examine the value of a field when a problem occurs while posting a value to the database using a provider. If the current field value causes a problem, such as a key violation, when posting the value, an event is generated to allow applications to respond to the problem. Provider components generate an OnUpdateError event. If a provider returns problem records to the client dataset, the client dataset generates an OnReconcileError event. In the OnUpdateError or OnReconcileError event handler, NewValue is the unposted value that caused the problem, OldValue is the value that was originally assigned to the field before any edits were made, and CurValue is the value that is currently assigned to the field. CurValue may differ from OldValue if another user changed the value of the field after OldValue was read.

Note: CurValue is only supported when the dataset is a TClientDataSet. In the provider's OnUpdateError event, a temporary client dataset containing fields with a CurValue property is passed to the event handler.

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