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property AsMemo: string read GetAsMemo write SetAsMemo;


__property System::UnicodeString AsMemo = {read=GetAsMemo, write=SetAsMemo};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TParam


Specifies the value of the parameter when it represents a memo field.

Set AsMemo to assign the value for a memo field to the parameter. Setting AsMemo sets the DataType property to ftMemo.

A literal string or a null-terminated string may be directly assigned to the parameter for a memo column using the AsMemo property. For example:

SQLQuery1.Params[0].AsMemo := 'Some text in a long Pascal String';

SQLQuery2->ParamByName("Notes")->AsString = "Some string value";

It is seldom necessary to read AsMemo, because memo fields can not be used as output parameters.

Note: Some servers support string field types that are too long to fit in the record buffer. These fields are represented as memo fields, although they are not actually Blob fields. When working with such "pseudo-Blob" fields, use the AsString property instead.

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