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property Transliterate: Boolean read FTransliterate write FTransliterate default True;


__property bool Transliterate = {read=FTransliterate, write=FTransliterate, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.DB TStringField


Determines whether text should be converted to and from the character set identified by the dataset.

Use Transliterate when the physical database table identified by the dataset does not use an ANSI language driver and the data may contain extended ASCII characters uses a different character set than UTF-8 (on Linux) or ANSI (on Windows).

When Transliterate is true, string fields call the dataset's Translate method to translate UTF-8 or ANSI characters to the character set used by the dataset when the string field value is set. When the string field value is read, the Translate method translates the characters in the database table to the UTF-8 or ANSI character set.

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