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typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TUpdateRecordEvent)(TDataSet* DataSet, TUpdateKind UpdateKind, TUpdateAction &UpdateAction);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
typedef public Data.DB.hpp Data.DB Data.DB


TUpdateRecordEvent is the event handler that updates the records of a dataset.

TUpdateRecordEvent is the event handler that updates the given dataset based on the specified update action.

DataSet is the name of the dataset to which updates are applied.

UpdateKind indicates whether the current update is the insertion of a record, the deletion of a record, or the modification of a record.

UpdateAction indicates the action taken by your event handler before it exits. On entry into the handler, UpdateAction is always set to uaFail. If your event handler is successful, it should set UpdateAction to uaApplied before exiting.

The code in your event handler must not call any methods that make a different record the current one.

Note: As an alternate approach, applications can use a client dataset and a provider component to handle cached updates. This alternative provides more support and greater control.

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