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TWideStringField = class(TStringField)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TWideStringField : public TStringField


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.DB Data.DB


TWideStringField represents a large string field in a dataset.

TWideStringField encapsulates the fundamental behavior common to wide string fields. Wide string fields are similar to simple string fields except that their storage capacity is virtually unlimited and the server specifically returns the field as wide string and not string. An example of a wide string field is the Unicode field in Microsoft SQL Server. In all other ways, wide string fields serve the same purpose as string fields.

If you use the Fields editor at design time to create a persistent field component for the wide string field, you can access it by name at runtime. When using dynamic field components, you can access the TWideStringField instance using the dataset's Fields property or FieldByName method.

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