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property MaxBlobSize: Integer read FMaxBlobSize write SetMaxBlobSize default 0;


__property int MaxBlobSize = {read=FMaxBlobSize, write=SetMaxBlobSize, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Data.SqlExpr TCustomSQLDataSet


Indicates the maximum number of bytes fetched for any BLOB field in the dataset.

MaxBlobSize limits the amount of data that can be fetched from Binary Large Object (BLOB) fields. BLOB fields can hold an indefinite amount of data. However, SQL datasets read that data into a memory buffer. By limiting the amount of data that can be fetched from a BLOB field, you limit the size of the buffer.

If MaxBlobSize is –1, the dataset imposes no maximum BLOB size. If MaxBlobSize is 0, the dataset uses the parameters of the associated SQL connection, if any, to determine the maximum BLOB size.

Note: MaxBlobSize should agree with any parameters on the associated SQL connection component that limit the size of BLOB data.

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