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property LibraryName: string read GetLibraryName write FLibraryName;


__property System::UnicodeString LibraryName = {read=GetLibraryName, write=FLibraryName};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.SqlExpr TSQLConnection


This property is obsolete. It is no longer published and will not appear in the Object Inspector.

This property is kept for backwards compatibility and should not be used directly in applications; to specify another dbExpress driver, add a value to the LibraryName key in the Params collection instead.

LibraryName specifies the dbExpress driver that TSQLConnection uses to establish a connection.

LibraryName is the dbExpress library associated with the driver specified by DriverName. Most applications do not need to use LibraryName directly, because this property is automatically set when the DriverName property is set.

Note: The association between a dbExpress library and a driver name is stored in the dbxdrivers.ini file, when you install the dbExpress driver.

The file named by this property is the only dbExpress file that must be deployed with your application.

Note: The VendorLib, LibraryName, and GetDriverFunc properties all reflect the values in the dbxdrivers.ini file. Although these properties are editable in the Object Inspector, you should not modify their values directly. Instead, you can create your own driver in dbxdrivers.ini, and specify the correct values for these properties there. The values of the VendorLib, LibraryName, and GetDriverFunc properties are published (stored with the connection component), so it is possible to deploy an application without deploying the dbxdrivers.ini file.

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