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property LoadParamsOnConnect: Boolean read FLoadParamsOnConnect write FLoadParamsOnConnect default False;


__property bool LoadParamsOnConnect = {read=FLoadParamsOnConnect, write=FLoadParamsOnConnect, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.SqlExpr TSQLConnection


Specifies whether the TSQLConnection component loads the configuration named by ConnectionName immediately before connecting to the server.

Set LoadParamsOnConnect to true if you want the TSQLConnection object to load the connection configuration (DriverName and Params properties) associated with ConnectionName at runtime. Typically, this is unnecessary because when you set ConnectionName at design time, the DriverName and Params properties are automatically set as well. However, if you use a different dbxconnections.ini file at runtime, or if you temporarily override the DriverName or any connection parameter values at design time, setting LoadParamsOnConnect to true ensures that at runtime the connection is established using the configuration associated with ConnectionName in the dbxconnections.ini file.

Note: If you set LoadParamsOnConnect to true, you must be sure to deploy the dbxconnections.ini file with your application. When you rely on the design-time associations, dbxconnections.ini is not needed at runtime.

Warning: If you set LoadParamsOnConnect to true, you must specify a valid connection name as the value for ConnectionName.

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