Data.SqlExpr.TSQLConnection Methods

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_AddRefprotectedCalled when an application uses a component interface.
_ReleaseprotectedCalled when an application releases a component interface.
AddConnectNotificationpublicRegisters a listener object that uses the connection component.
AfterConstructionpublicResponds after the last constructor has executed.
AssignpublicCopies the contents of another similar object.
AssignToprotectedCopies the properties of an object to a destination object.
AsyncScheduleprotectedSchedules asynch method calls.
BeforeDestructionpublicPerforms any necessary actions before the first destructor is called.
BeginInvokepublicPerforms an asynchronous call to the method specified by either AProc or AFunc.
BeginTransactionpublicInitiates a new transaction in the associated database.
ChangeNameprotectedSets the private, internal storage for the Name property to the string passed in NewName.
CheckConnectionprotectedPerforms connection-specific actions according to the given flag.
CheckDisconnectprotectedChecks whether it is possible to close the SQL connection, and terminates if so.
ClassInfopublicReturns a pointer to the run-time type information (RTTI) table for the object type.
ClassNamepublicReturns a string indicating the type of the object instance (as opposed to the type of the variable passed as an argument).
ClassNameIspublicDetermines whether an object is of a specific type.
ClassParentpublicReturns the type of the immediate ancestor of a class.
ClassTypepublicReturns the class reference for the object's class.
CleanupInstancepublicPerforms finalization on long strings, variants, and interface variables within a class.
CloneConnectionpublicReturns a copy of the SQL connection object.
ClosepublicCloses the connection.
CloseDataSetspublicCloses all datasets associated with the SQL connection object component without disconnecting from the database.
Commit (deprecated)publicCommits an open transaction.
CommitFreeAndNilpublicCommits an open transaction.
ConnectionOptionsprotectedSets connection options.
CreatepublicCreates and initializes an instance TSQLConnection.
DefaultHandlerpublicProvides the interface for a method that processes message records.
DefinePropertiesprotectedUsed internally by the streaming system.
DestroypublicDestroys the SQL connection object.
DestroyComponentspublicDestroys all owned components.
DestroyingpublicIndicates that the component and its owned components are about to be destroyed.
DispatchpublicCalls message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter.
DisposeOfpublicDisposeOf forces the execution of the destructor code in an object.
DoConnectprotectedProvides the interface for a method that opens a connection.
DoDisconnectprotectedProvides the interface for a method that terminates the connection.
EndFunctionInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EndInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EqualspublicChecks whether the current instance and the Obj parameter are equal.
ExecutepublicExecutes an SQL command on the server.
ExecuteActionpublicExecutes an action.
ExecuteDirectpublicExecutes an SQL command that does not include parameters.
FieldAddresspublicReturns the address of a published object field.
FindComponentpublicIndicates whether a given component is owned by the component.
FreepublicDestroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary.
FreeInstancepublicDeallocates memory allocated by a previous call to the NewInstance method.
FreeNotificationpublicEnsures that AComponent is notified that the component is going to be destroyed.
FreeOnReleasepublicFrees the interface reference for components that were created from COM classes.
GetChildOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildParentprotectedReturns the parent or, if there is no parent, returns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildrenprotectedEnumerates all child components.
GetCommandTypespublicPopulates a string list with command types.
GetConnectedprotectedReturns the value of the Connected property.
GetDataSetprotectedReturns a dataset, given its index in the DataSets property array.
GetDataSetCountprotectedReturns the value of the DataSetCount property.
GetDefaultSchemaNamepublicReturns the default schema name of the current object.
GetDisposedprotectedGetter for the Disposed property.
GetEnumeratorpublicReturns a TComponent enumerator.
GetFieldNamespublicPopulates a string list with the names of fields in a table.
GetHashCodepublicReturns an integer containing the hash code.
GetIDsOfNamesprotectedMaps a single member and an optional set of argument names to a corresponding set of integer dispatch identifiers (dispIDs).
GetIndexNamespublicPopulates a string list with the names of indexes on a table.
GetInterfacepublicRetrieves a specified interface.
GetInterfaceEntrypublicReturns the entry for a specific interface implemented in a class.
GetInterfaceTablepublicReturns a pointer to a structure containing all of the interfaces implemented by a given class.
GetLoginUsernamepublicReturns the user name logged in on the current connection.
GetNamePathpublicReturns a string used by the Object Inspector.
GetObserversprotectedGetter of Observers.
GetOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a component.
GetPackageNamespublicPopulates a string list with the names of all packages defined on the server.
GetParentComponentpublicReturns the containing component.
GetProcedureNamespublicPopulates a string list with the names of stored procedures in the database.
GetProcedureParamspublicPopulates a list with parameter descriptors for the parameters in a stored procedure.
GetSchemaNamespublicReturns the schema names for all objects in the given data source.
GetServerMethodNamespublicPopulates a string list with the names of the server methods.
GetTableNamespublicPopulates a string list with the names of tables in the database.
GetTypeInfoprotectedRetrieves the type information for an object.
GetTypeInfoCountprotectedReturns the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1).
HasParentpublicVerifies whether the component has a parent.
HasTransactionpublicReturns whether the SQL connection has the specified transaction in the database.
InheritsFrompublicDetermines the relationship of two object types.
InitInstancepublicInitializes a newly allocated object instance to all zeros and initializes the instance's virtual method table pointer.
InsertComponentpublicEstablishes the component as the owner of a specified component.
InstanceSizepublicReturns the size in bytes of each instance of the object type.
InvokeprotectedProvides access to Automation properties and methods when the component wraps an Automation object.
IsImplementorOfpublicIndicates whether the component implements a specified interface.
LoadedprotectedInitializes the connection component after all objects in the form or data module have been loaded.
LoadParamsFromIniFilepublicSets the DriverName and Params properties to the values associated with the ConnectionName property.
MethodAddresspublicReturns the address of a class method by name.
MethodNamepublicReturns the name of a class method by address.
NewInstancepublicAllocates memory for an instance of an object type and returns a pointer to that new instance.
NotificationprotectedForwards notification messages to all owned components.
OpenpublicOpens the connection.
OpenSchemaprotectedRetrieves schema information from the connection's provider.
operator ()publicC++ conversion of a TComponent into a System.Classes.IInterfaceComponentReference or a System.IInterface, depending on casting.
PaletteCreatedprotectedResponds when the component is created from the component palette.
QualifiedClassNamepublicReturns the qualified name of the class.
QueryInterfaceprotectedReturns a reference to a specified interface if the current component supports that interface.
ReadStateprotectedReads the state of the component.
ReferenceInterfacepublicEstablishes or removes internal links that cause this component to be notified when the implementer of a specified interface is destroyed.
RegisterClientprotectedRegisters an object that uses the connection component.
RemoveComponentpublicRemoves a specified component specified from the component's Components list.
RemoveConnectNotificationpublicRemoves a registered client listener object so that it is no longer associated with the connection component.
RemoveFreeNotificationpublicDisables the destruction notification that was enabled by FreeNotification.
RemoveFreeNotificationsprotectedNotifies all owned components of the owner component's imminent destruction.
Rollback (deprecated)publicCancels all updates, insertions, and deletions for a specified transaction and ends the transaction.
RollbackFreeAndNilpublicCancels all updates, insertions, and deletions for a specified transaction and ends the transaction.
RollbackIncompleteFreeAndNilpublicCancels all updates, insertions, and deletions for a specified transaction and ends the transaction.
SafeCallExceptionpublicHandles exceptions in methods declared using the safecall calling convention.
SendConnectEventprotectedInforms all registered clients that use the connection component when a connection is opened or closed.
SetAncestorprotectedClears or sets csAncestor state in the component's ComponentState property.
SetChildOrderprotectedSets the visual ordering of a child control.
SetConnectedprotectedChanges the value of the Connected property.
SetDesigningprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetDesignInstanceprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetInlineprotectedSets the csInline bit of the component's ComponentState property.
SetNameprotectedSets the value of the Name property.
SetParentComponentprotectedSets the parent component.
SetSubComponentpublicIdentifies whether the component is a subcomponent.
SetTraceEventpublicAssociates the SQL connection with a callback function that executes for every SQL command passed to or from the server.
StartTransaction (deprecated)publicInitiates a new transaction in the associated database.
ToStringpublicReturns a string containing the class name.
UnitNamepublicReturns the name of the unit where the class is defined.
UnitScopepublicReturns the class's unit scope.
UnRegisterClientprotectedRemoves a registered client so that it is no longer associated with the connection component.
UpdateActionpublicUpdates the state of an action.
UpdatedprotectedClears the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property when the component finishes updating.
UpdateRegistryprotectedProvides the interface for a method that adds type library and version information to the Registry on components that implement COM interfaces.
UpdatingprotectedSets the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property.
ValidateContainerprotectedDetermines whether an object can be inserted into a container.
ValidateInsertprotectedProvides the interface for a method that validates a child component before it is inserted.
ValidateRenameprotectedEnsures that renaming an owned component does not create a name conflict.
WriteStateprotectedWrites the state of the component.