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property StoredProcName: string read FStoredProcName write SetStoredProcName;


__property System::UnicodeString StoredProcName = {read=FStoredProcName, write=SetStoredProcName};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.SqlExpr TSQLStoredProc


Specifies the SQL statement to execute on the database server.

Set StoredProcName to specify the name of the stored procedure to call on the server. If StoredProcName does not match the name of an existing stored procedure on the server, an exception is raised.

When you set the StoredProcName property, TSQLStoredProc queries the database server to ascertain the parameters of the specified stored procedure. It uses this information to initialize the Params property. You can subsequently use the Params property to adjust the properties of any parameters and supply values for the parameters. Some servers do not supply information about stored procedure parameters. In those cases, you must explicitly add the parameters.

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