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property ConnectionObject: _Connection read FConnectionObject write SetConnectionObject;


__property Winapi::Adoint::_di__Connection ConnectionObject = {read=FConnectionObject, write=SetConnectionObject};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.Win.ADODB TADOConnection


Provides direct access to the ADO connection object.

Use ConnectionObject to get direct access to the ADO connection object the connection component represents. This direct access reference allows an application to use properties and methods of the underlying connection object. Accessing the underlying connection object is especially useful for utilizing properties and methods of the connection object not surfaced in TADOConnection.

Note: Use of ConnectionObject to directly access the underlying ADO connection object requires a good working knowledge of ADO objects in general and the ADO connection object in specific. Using the connection object directly is not recommended unless you are familiar with connection object operations. Consult the Microsoft Data Store SDK help for specific information on using ADO connection objects.

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