Data.Win.ADODB.TADOConnection Events

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AfterConnectpublishedOccurs after a connection is established.
AfterDisconnectpublishedOccurs after the connection closes.
BeforeConnectpublishedOccurs immediately before establishing a connection.
BeforeDisconnectpublishedOccurs immediately before the connection closes.
OnBeginTransCompletepublishedOccurs after beginning a transaction.
OnCommitTransCompletepublishedOccurs after committing a transaction.
OnConnectCompletepublishedOccurs after starting a connection.
OnDisconnectpublishedOccurs after a connection is terminated.
OnExecuteCompletepublishedOccurs after a command is executed.
OnInfoMessagepublishedOccurs when information messages are received from the data store connection.
OnLoginpublishedOccurs when a communication channel opens to the server.
OnRollbackTransCompletepublishedOccurs after rolling back a transaction.
OnWillConnectpublishedOccurs after a request to start a connection.
OnWillExecutepublishedOccurs after a database server signals acceptance of a command execution.