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TRDSConnection = class(TCustomConnection)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TRDSConnection : public Data::Db::TCustomConnection


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.Win.ADODB Data.Win.ADODB


TRDSConnection implements an RDS DataSpace object.

The TRDSConnection class exposes the functionality of the RDS DataSpace object. RDS DataSpace objects manage the marshaling of data when a Recordset object is passed from one process or machine to another. Use TRDSConnection when building multi-tier applications using ADO-based business objects (Application Servers).

Use TRDSConnection in the place of TADOConnection. Associate the TRDSComponent with a TADODataSet component using the latter's RDSConnection property.

By default, an RDS connection component is configured to work with the RDS DataFactory object. The DataFactory object can be used when you do not require a specialized business object. When using a DataFactory object, the ConnectionString and CommandText properties of the TADODataSet are passed to the Query method of the DataFactory object. When using a business object, the CommandText property should contain the name of a property of the business object which returns the desired Recordset for the TADODataSet. The A value for the ConnectionString property is not required when using a business object.

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