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property FetchOnDemand: Boolean read FFetchOnDemand write FFetchOnDemand default True;


__property bool FetchOnDemand = {read=FFetchOnDemand, write=FFetchOnDemand, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Datasnap.DBClient TCustomClientDataSet


Indicates whether to fetch data packets from the provider on an as-needed basis.

By default, FetchOnDemand is True, meaning that the client dataset fetches additional packets of data as needed (for example, as a user scrolls through data, or conducts a search). If the provider does not automatically include BLOB fields or nested detail sets in data packets, setting FetchOnDemand to True causes the client dataset to fetch these values when needed as well.

Set FetchOnDemand to False only if your application contains code that explicitly fetches data packets as needed using the GetNextPacket method. Similarly, if FetchOnDemand is False and the provider does not include BLOB data by default (Options includes poFetchBlobsOnDemand), the application must fetch BLOB fields explicitly using the FetchBlobs method. If the provider does not include nested detail sets (Options includes poFetchDetailsOnDemand) and FetchOnDemand is False, the application must fetch nested details explicitly using the FetchDetails method.

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