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property GroupingLevel: Integer read FGroupingLevel;


__property int GroupingLevel = {read=FGroupingLevel, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Datasnap.DBClient TCustomClientDataSet


Indicates the depth of grouping support provided by the current index.

Read GroupingLevel to determine the maximum level group for which grouping support is available. Client datasets provide grouping support in two ways:

  • The GetGroupState method indicates where the current record falls within a group.
  • The ActiveAggs property provides summary information over all the records in a group.

A group is defined as the set of records that have the same value on each of a set of fields. A level 0 group is the set of all records in the client dataset. A level 1 group is the set of records with the same value on the first field of the index. A level 2 group is the set of records with the same values on each of the first two fields of the index. A level n group is the set of records with the same values on each of the first n fields of the index.

By default, GroupingLevel is the default grouping level of the current index or the maximum grouping level of a maintained aggregate on the current index, whichever is greater. GroupingLevel can never be greater than IndexFieldCount.

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