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property OnGetClass: TDSGetClassEvent read FGetClassEvent write FGetClassEvent;


__property TDSGetClassEvent OnGetClass = {read=FGetClassEvent, write=FGetClassEvent};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Datasnap.DSServer TDSServerClass


Specifies the server class.

Use OnGetClass to specify the server class. Setting this class is required. All public methods in this class can be called by a client. The class specified must inherit from TPersistent and be compiled with the METHODINFO directive on. This event can specify a class that extends from TRemoteDataModule to expose the providers contained in the TRemoteDataModule. TRemoteDataModule is now compiled with METHODINFO on.

When using a TPersistent descendant as a server class, the constructor will not be called because TPersistent has a nonvirtual constructor. Instead, derive the server class from TComponent, which has a virtual constructor that will be called.

To avoid errors, use TComponent instead of TPersistent as the most basic server class ancestor.

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