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function AS_RowRequest(const ProviderName: WideString; Row: OleVariant;  RequestType: Integer; var OwnerData: OleVariant): OleVariant; safecall;


HIDESBASE HRESULT __safecall AS_RowRequest(const System::WideString ProviderName, System::OleVariant Row, int RequestType, System::OleVariant &OwnerData, System::OleVariant &__AS_RowRequest_result);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Datasnap.Win.MtsRdm TMtsDataModule


Returns information from a specified record of the provider's dataset.

Datasnap.Win.MtsRdm.TMtsDataModule.AS RowRequest inherits from Datasnap.DataBkr.TRemoteDataModule.AS_RowRequest. All content below this line refers to Datasnap.DataBkr.TRemoteDataModule.AS_RowRequest.

Returns information from a specified record of the provider's dataset.

Client datasets call AS_RowRequest automatically to implement their FetchBlobs, FetchDetails, or RefreshRecord method.

The ProviderName parameter indicates the provider associated with the dataset from which information should be fetched.

The Row parameter is an OleVariant that describes the current record on the client dataset.

The RequestType parameter indicates the type of information required. It is an integer version of the TFetchOptions type. (An integer because the value may be marshaled to a remote application server.) To create a value for RequestType, take the corresponding TFetchOptions value, cast it to a Byte, and cast the result to an Integer:

Integer(Byte([foBlobs, foDetails])); (int) (Byte) (TFetchOptions() << foBlobs << foDetails);

OwnerData contains custom information that is supplied by a client dataset's BeforeRowRequest event handler. This information is passed to the provider's BeforeRowRequest event handler. OwnerData returns custom information supplied by the provider's AfterRowRequest event handler.

The requested data is returned as a delta packet.

Note: Applications can only call the protected AS_RowRequest method using the TRemoteDataModule interface.

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