FMX.AcceleratorKey.IFMXAcceleratorKeyRegistryService Methods

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AddRefpublicIncrements the reference count for this interface.
ChangeReceiverRootpublicUpdates the root where the accelerator key receiver is registered.
EmitAcceleratorKeypublicEmits the accelerator key to the given root container.
ExtractAcceleratorKeypublicReturns the accelerator character and the position index inside the text string.
QueryInterfacepublicReturns a reference to a specified interface if the object supports that interface.
RegisterReceiverpublicRegisters an object as a receiver of accelerator keys.
ReleasepublicDecrements the reference count for this interface.
RemoveRegistrypublicRemoves the entire registry of accelerator keys for a given root container.
SupportspublicIndicates whether a given interface supports a specific (another) interface.
UnregisterReceiverpublicRemoves the registry of a receiver object from a specific root container.