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TDestinationCollection = class (TOwnedCollection)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TDestinationCollection : public System::Classes::TOwnedCollection


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.ImgList FMX.ImgList


The destination collection contains items referencing multi-resolution bitmaps used to form the final images in the ImageList image list.

Each TCustomDestinationItem item in the TDestinationCollection collection can contain several TLayer layers, which are included into the Layers collection. Each layer references a MultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap from the Source collection and a SourceRect rectangle of this source multi-resolution bitmap (always in the scale 1). Only this rectangle is drawn in the final image. For each TCustomDestinationItem item, an image to be used as a final image of the ImageList image list can be generated. The ImageList image list object generates the final image subsequently drawing SourceRect rectangles of MultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmaps stored in subsequent layers from the TLayers collection. Drawing the final image, the image list selects in each used multi-resolution bitmap a bitmap having the most appropriate scale for the current scene and the size of the final image.

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