FMX.ImgList.TMultiResBitmap Properties

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BitmapspublicThe array of bitmaps used in this multi-resolution bitmap.
CapacitypublicProvides access to the internal TList.Capacity property.
ComponentpublicIndicates the component that owns this multi-resolution bitmap.
CountpublicReturns the number of items in the collection.
DefaultSizepublicThe default image size, in pixels.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FixedpublicWhen Fixed is True, the removal of bitmap items from the multi-resolution bitmap and the changing of indexes of bitmap items are not allowed.
HeightpublicSpecifies the height in pixels of the bitmap item having the Scale = 1.
ImageListpublicIdentifies the image list collection to which this TMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap belongs.
ItemClasspublicIndicates the class to which the collection's items belong.
ItemspublicArray of bitmap items in the multi-resolution bitmap.
NextIDprotectedSpecifies a unique ID that can be assigned to the next added collection item.
PropNameprotectedSpecifies the name of the property that the collection implements.
SizeKindpublicIndicates how to define the size when loading the image.
SourceItempublicIs a TCustomSourceItem owner of the current TMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap.
TransparentColorpublicThe color that will be replaced by the transparent color when loading the image.
UpdateCountprotectedCounts the number of times BeginUpdate was called without a corresponding call to EndUpdate.
WidthpublicSpecifies the width in pixels of the bitmap item having the Scale = 1.