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Provides support for inertial moving of the scroll view window during scrolling within the larger content. Scrolling can be managed with the mouse or finger.

Among other things, the InertialMovement unit defines the constants described in the InertialMovement Constants table.

Package fmx.bpl


TAniCalculationsProvides support for the inertial scrolling of the viewport window within the larger content. Scrolling can be managed with the mouse or finger.
TTargetForward declaration of the TAniCalculations.TTarget type, which is required for the C++ compiler.


TPointDDefines the point coordinates in logical units.
TRectDDefines a rectangle with coordinates in logical units.


DecelerationRateFastDecelerationRateFast: Comp = 9.5;
DecelerationRateNormalDecelerationRateNormal: Comp = 1.95;
DefaultDeadZoneDefaultDeadZone: Integer = 8;
DefaultElasticityDefaultElasticity: Integer = $64;
DefaultIntervalOfAniDefaultIntervalOfAni: Integer = $A;
DefaultMaxVelocityDefaultMaxVelocity: Integer = $1388;
DefaultMinVelocityDefaultMinVelocity: Integer = $A;
DefaultStorageTimeDefaultStorageTime: Comp = 0.15;

InertialMovement Constants

These constants define default values of specific TAniCalculations class properties:

Constant Description


Determines the default deceleration rate of scroll view moving after the user lifts the finger (release the mouse button) that initiated the moving.


A fast deceleration rate for scroll view moving.


The default coefficient of border elasticity.


The default minimal velocity of scroll view moving in pixels per second.


The default maximal velocity of scroll view moving in pixels per second.


Defines the default size of a small area where moving the mouse or finger is not treated as initialization of scrolling.


The default time for storage of obtained trajectory points. These trajectory points are used to obtain the velocity and direction of inertial moving.


Defines the default interval between successive updating of inertial moving pictures.

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