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function ObjectAtPoint(P: TPointF): IControl; override;


virtual Fmx::Types::_di_IControl __fastcall ObjectAtPoint(const System::Types::TPointF &P);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
FMX.ListView TListViewBase


Returns the control in which a specified point can be found.

FMX.ListView.TListViewBase.ObjectAtPoint inherits from FMX.Controls.TControl.ObjectAtPoint. All content below this line refers to FMX.Controls.TControl.ObjectAtPoint.

Returns the control in which a specified point can be found.

P is the specified point in the object.

ObjectAtPoint returns the control in which the P point is found. To start searching within the current control, the control must be visible and enabled. If P is within a child of the control and the child is also a control, the search continues inside the child.

If P is inside the control (not within a child) and the control can be hit, then ObjectAtPoint returns the control.

ObjectAtPoint is used internally.

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