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property RadioItem: Boolean read GetRadioItem write SetRadioItem stored RadioItemStored default False;


__property bool RadioItem = {read=GetRadioItem, write=SetRadioItem, stored=RadioItemStored, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FMX.Menus TMenuItem


Specifies whether the TMenuItem is mutually exclusive with other menu items in its group.

Use RadioItem to make the menu item behave like a radio button with a group of other menu items. The group of menu items is the set of all menu items in a pop-up menu that have the same value of GroupIndex. When RadioItem is True, only one menu item in the group that contains the menu item can be selected at a time. The single selected menu item in the group is indicated by a check mark beside its text.

Note: RadioItem does not work for the top-level items in a main menu.

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