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property PopoverOptions: TPopoverAppearance read FPopoverOptions write SetPopoverAppearance stored ArePopoverOptionsStored;


__property Fmx::Multiview::Types::TPopoverAppearance* PopoverOptions = {read=FPopoverOptions, write=SetPopoverAppearance, stored=ArePopoverOptionsStored};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.MultiView TCustomMultiView


Handles appearance options of the master pane in the Popover presentation mode.

In the Popover presentation mode, the master pane is a pop-up menu, which can be displayed or hidden using the master button.

The PopoverOptions property allows you to handle the following options:

  • AppearanceDuration: specifies the duration of the pop-up window appearance (in seconds). By default, this property is set to 0.25 s.
  • PopupHeight: specifies the height of the pop-up window (in pixels). By default, this property is set to 400px.
  • StyleLookup: specifies the name of the resource object (style) to which this pop-up window is linked.
  • TintColor: specifies the tint applied to this pop-up window.

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