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property GripSize: Single read FGripSize write SetGripSize;


__property float GripSize = {read=FGripSize, write=SetGripSize};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FMX.Objects TSelectionPoint


Defines the radius of the shown selection point object.

When an application style book does not contain a style-resource for selection points, a selection point in this application is drawn as a circle having radius equal to GripSize. The used GripSize is truncated to 1<= GripSize<=20. When an application style book contains a style-resource for selection points, then all selection point properties are loaded from the style-resource; property values set in the Form Designer or programmatically are ignored. Under some platforms, selection points use predefined platform-specific values. For example, on some mobile platforms GripSize is 16 or 17 and this value cannot be changed programmatically.

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