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function FindVisibleTab(var Index: Integer; const FindKind: TFindKind): Boolean; overload;
function FindVisibleTab(const FindKind: TFindKind): Integer; overload;


bool __fastcall FindVisibleTab(int &Index, const TFindKind FindKind)/* overload */;
int __fastcall FindVisibleTab(const TFindKind FindKind)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
FMX.TabControl TTabControl


Returns the first visible tab from the current tab.

Use the FindVisibleTab method to get the first visible tab of type FindKind.

The first overloaded method calculates the index of the found tab in the Index parameter. Index represents:

  • At input, the index of the tab where the search begins.
  • At output, if the returned value is True, the index of the found tab; otherwise, the old value.

The second overloaded method returns the index of the found tab. Searching starts with the current tab. If the tab is found, it return its index, otherwise it returns -1.

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