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function PSGetIndexDefs(IndexTypes: TIndexOptions = [ixPrimary..ixNonMaintained]): TIndexDefs; override;


virtual Data::Db::TIndexDefs* __fastcall PSGetIndexDefs(Data::Db::TIndexOptions IndexTypes = (Data::Db::TIndexOptions() << Data::Db::TIndexOption::ixPrimary << Data::Db::TIndexOption::ixUnique << Data::Db::TIndexOption::ixDescending << Data::Db::TIndexOption::ixCaseInsensitive << Data::Db::TIndexOption::ixExpression << Data::Db::TIndexOption::ixNonMaintained ));


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
FireDAC.Comp.DataSet TFDDataSet


Returns the definitions of all specified indexes defined for the dataset.

FireDAC.Comp.DataSet.TFDDataSet.PSGetIndexDefs inherits from Data.DB.TDataSet.PSGetIndexDefs. All content below this line refers to Data.DB.TDataSet.PSGetIndexDefs.

Returns the definitions of all specified indexes defined for the dataset.

The provider component calls PSGetIndexDefs to locate an index that contains information it needs. For example, it uses PSGetIndexDefs to locate an index that contains the key fields returned by PSGetKeyFields. This information allows the provider to locate the records that need to change when it applies updates. The provider also calls this method to locate indexes that it adds to the metadata of data packets.

IndexTypes indicates the options required of the returned indexes. PSGetIndexDefs returns all indexes whose Options property includes the specified flags.

PSGetIndexDefs returns a TIndexDefs object that contains all the indexes of the dataset that match the IndexTypes parameter.

This method is an implementation of the IProviderSupport.PSGetIndexDefs method and, by default, returns nil for Delphi and NULL for C++, because TDataSet does not implement a provider by default. To use it, every TDataSet descendant must override it in its specific way.

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