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property Options: TFDSortOptions read FOptions write SetOptions default [];


__property Firedac::Stan::Intf::TFDSortOptions Options = {read=FOptions, write=SetOptions, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Comp.DataSet TFDIndex


Specifies sorting options.

Use Options to specify the sorting options for the dataset view:

Option Description
soNoCase Use case-insensitive sorting for all fields or expression results.
soNullFirst Put NULL values before non-NULL values when sorting in ascending order. Otherwise, NULL values are put after non-NULL values.
soDescNullLast Put NULL values after not-NULL values when sorting in descending order. Otherwise, NULL values are put before non-NULL values..
soDescending Use the descending order for full sorting.
soUnique Enforce uniqueness in the view. If the application tries to insert a new record with duplicated sorting field values and TFDDataSet.ConstraintsEnabled is True, an exception is raised.
soPrimary Same as above, but the dataset view is used with soPrimary.
soNoSymbols Ignore symbols when comparing strings to build the sort order.

The default value is an empty set. Note that soDescNullLast and soNullFirst are ignored by TFDTable, and that the NULL position is determined by the DBMS.

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