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property IncludeHiddenFields: Boolean read FIncludeHiddenFields write FIncludeHiddenFields default True;


__property bool IncludeHiddenFields = {read=FIncludeHiddenFields, write=FIncludeHiddenFields, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Phys.SQLiteVDataSet TFDLocalSQL


Controls the inclusion of invisible and hidden fields into the Local SQL result sets.

Use the IncludeHiddenFields property to control the inclusion of the base dataset fields with TField.Visible = False or pfHidden in TField.ProviderFlags into the Local SQL result sets.

When IncludeHiddenFields is True, such fields will be included into the result sets in a similar way that other fields are included. When it is False, then the invisible fields will be:

  • Not listed in the dataset returned by "PRAGMA table_info".
  • Not included in the expansion of an '*' expression in the result set of a SELECT statement.
  • Not included in the implicit column list used by an INSERT statement that lacks an explicit column list.

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