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property MacroCreate: Boolean read GetMacroCreate write SetMacroCreate  stored IsMCS default True;


__property bool MacroCreate = {read=GetMacroCreate, write=SetMacroCreate, stored=IsMCS, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDResourceOptions


Controls the automatic filling of a Macros collection.

Use the MacroCreate property to control the automatic filling of the Macros collection. If it is True, the SQL preprocessor scans the SQL command text for '!' or '&' symbols, it extracts macro names and puts them into a Macros collection. The scanning will be performed at each command text change. The default value is True.  Setting MacroCreate to False may be usefull in the following conditions:

  • The target DBMS uses '!', '&' symbols in its own SQL dialect and FireDAC cannot recognize them as an SQL construction. Also, the SQL commands with these symbols may confuse the FireDAC SQL preprocessor. See Preprocessing Command Text for macros description.
  • The application fills the Macros collection manually.
  • The application does not use any macros.

Setting PreprocessCmdText to False assigns a False value to MacroCreate.

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