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Defines the FireMonkey binding navigator classes and types, used for navigating datasets.

Package bindcompfmx.bpl


EBindNavExceptionException class for all errors that might occur when working with the binding navigator.
TBindNavButtonImplements a button used by the TBindNavButton component.
TBindNavigatorThe binding navigator you use in FireMonkey applications in order to access the records in a dataset.
TCustomBindNavigatorThe base class for the TBindNavigator object.
TFMXBindNavigateActionImplements a standard LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateApplyUpdatesImplements a standard ApplyUpdates LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateCancelImplements a standard Cancel LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateCancelUpdatesImplements a standard CancelUpdates LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateDeleteImplements a standard Delete LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateEditImplements a standard Edit LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateFirstImplements a standard First LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateInsertImplements a standard Insert LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateLastImplements a standard Last LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateNextImplements a standard Next LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigatePostImplements a standard Post LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigatePriorImplements a standard Prior LiveBindings action.
TFMXBindNavigateRefreshImplements a standard Refresh LiveBindings action.


EBindNavClickIs a procedural type used by the BeforeAction and OnClick events.
Fmx_Bind_NavigatorIs a C++Builder style enumeration similar to its Delphi analogue TBindNavButtonStyle.
TBindNavButtonSetSet of TBindNavigateBtn.
TBindNavButtonStyleSet of button styles used by a TBindNavButton object.
TBindNavGlyphEnumeration of values used to enable or disable the glyphs (pictures) on the bind navigator buttons.
TBindNavigateBtnEnumeration of buttons used by a TCustomBindNavigator descendant.


InitRepeatPauseInitRepeatPause: Integer = $190;
RepeatPauseRepeatPause: Integer = $64;
SpaceSizeSpaceSize: Integer = 5;