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property Visible: Boolean read FVisible write SetVisible default True;


__property bool Visible = {read=FVisible, write=SetVisible, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Actions TContainedAction


Stores whether the action representation is visible.

Visible specifies the visible state for the action (True means visible, False means invisible).

This Visible value is propagated to a client of the action if IsVisibleLinked method of the action link linking the client to the action returns True.

If the Visible of an action is False and IsVisibleLinked of an action link returns True, then the Visible of the client (a control, menu item, or others) is also set False and this client is also invisible. Typically, IsVisibleLinked of an action link returns False if the action belongs to TCustomViewAction. Otherwise, when the action belongs to TAction, then IsVisibleLinked of an action link returns True. That is, TCustomViewAction is used when one need to provide visible representation of clients of actions that have Visible set True.

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