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function ReadWideChar: WideChar; deprecated 'Use ReadChar';


System::WideChar __fastcall ReadWideChar _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE1("Use ReadChar") ();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Classes TReader


Warning: ReadWideChar is deprecated. Please use ReadChar.

Reads a wide character from the reader object's stream and returns that character value.

ReadWideChar is a helper method used by other reader methods to read a tagged wide character value at the current reader Position. ReadWideChar invokes the ReadWideString, and return that string if it is 1 character long. Otherwise, an exception is thrown.

Note: If the tagged data is a widestring with length = 1, it is widechar compatible. If length > 1, it is an error, however, the rest of the string data must be read to keep the reader in a consistent state. Each action that processes tagged data must leave the reader Position at the start of the next unread tag.

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