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function SelectKeyword(Keywords: TStrings) : Integer;


virtual int __fastcall SelectKeyword(System::Classes::TStrings* Keywords) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.HelpIntfs IHelpSelector


Keyword-based Help support for multiple Viewers.

The Help System calls SelectKeyword when more than one Help Viewer has topics that match a keyword-based Help request. The Keywords parameter contains a merged list of Help Strings, obtained by calling GetHelpStrings for each Viewer. SelectKeyword indicates a specific topic by returning the index of a specific Help String. The Help System then passes this Help String to the ShowHelp method of the appropriate Viewer. If the return value is negative, the Help System assumes that the Help request has been aborted and does nothing.

Typically, SelectKeyword displays a dialog box so the user can choose one of the Help Strings, and returns the index of the user's choice, or a negative value if the user cancels the dialog. This duplicates a feature of most Viewers, but allows the user to see all matching topics in a single list.

Note: SelectKeyword must not modify or rearrange the Help Strings list.

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