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IOleInPlaceFrame : public IOleInPlaceUIWindow
typedef interface IOleInPlaceFrame IOleInPlaceFrame;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public oleidl.h System System


Is a special base interface.

System.IOleInPlaceFrame inherits from System.IUnknown. All content below this line refers to System.IUnknown.

Is a special base interface.

IUnknown is a base interface with features that are important to C++ programmers and also programmers who utilize COM objects.

Note: In Delphi code, IUnknown is simply another name for IInterface. Descending from IUnknown instead of IInterface informs the Delphi compiler that the interface must be compatible with COM objects. Cross-platform applications can use interfaces descended from IUnknown, but must not use them to access COM objects, which are only available under Windows.

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