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function NetPresentValue(const Rate: Extended; const CashFlows: array of Double; PaymentTime: TPaymentTime): Extended;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE System::Extended __fastcall NetPresentValue(const System::Extended Rate, const double *CashFlows, const int CashFlows_High, TPaymentTime PaymentTime);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Math System.Math


Calculates the current value from an array of estimated cash flow values.

NetPresentValue calculates the current value of an array of estimated cash flow values, discounted at the given interest rate of Rate.

CashFlows is the array of estimated cash flow values. In C++, CashFlows_Size is the index of the last element in that array (one less than the number of elements).

PaymentTime indicates whether the cash flows occur at the beginning or end of the period.

NetPresentValue helps determine how much an investment is currently worth, based on expected earnings, although its accuracy depends on the accuracy of the cash flows in the array.

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