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procedure SetLength(var S: <string or dynamic array>; NewLength: Integer);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
procedure public System.pas System System


Sets the length of a string or dynamic array variable.

S is a Delphi string or dynamic array variable.

NewLength is the new number of characters or elements in S.

For a short string variable, SetLength simply sets the length-indicator character (the character at S[0]) to the given value. In this case, NewLength must be a value from 0 through 255.

For a long string variable, SetLength reallocates the string referenced by S to the given length. Existing characters in the string are preserved, but the content of newly allocated space is undefined.

For a dynamic array variable, SetLength reallocates the array referenced by S to the given length. Existing elements in the array are preserved and newly allocated space is set to 0 or nil. For multidimensional dynamic arrays, SetLength may take more than one-length parameter (up to the number of array dimensions). Each parameter specifies the number of elements along a particular dimension.

Following a call to SetLength, S is guaranteed to reference a unique string or array -- that is, a string or array with a reference count of one. If there is not enough memory available to reallocate the variable, SetLength raises an EOutOfMemory exception.

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