System.Tether.Manager.TTetheringManager Events

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OnAuthErrorFromLocalpublishedOccurs during a pairing operation when the remote manager that starts the pairing request sends a password hash that does not match the expected hash, and as a result your manager aborts the pairing operation.
OnAuthErrorFromRemotepublishedOccurs during a pairing operation started by your manager when the remote manager aborts the pairing operation, usually because the password hash that your manager previously sends does not match the expected hash.
OnEndAutoConnectpublishedOccurs when a pairing operation is aborted and the aborted pairing operation was the last pairing operation remaining of an automatic connection process.
OnEndManagersDiscoverypublishedOccurs when a manager discovery operation started by a call to DiscoverManagers finishes.
OnEndProfilesDiscoverypublishedOccurs when the operation to discover remote profiles published by a remote manager finishes, either successfully or due to a time out.
OnErrorpublishedThe event handler for tethering errors.
OnNewManagerpublishedOccurs when a new remote tethering manager starts listening to other managers in range.
OnPairedFromLocalpublishedOccurs when a pairing operation started by a remote manager succeeds.
OnPairedToRemotepublishedOccurs when a pairing operation started by your manager succeeds.
OnRemoteManagerShutdownpublishedOccurs when a paired remote manager is disabled.
OnRequestManagerPasswordpublishedOccurs when your manager requests to pair with a remote manager and the remote manager requires a password. Handle this event to provide that password.
OnRequestStoragepublishedAllows you to provide an storage object to persist the pairing information that the manager accumulates.
OnUnPairManagerpublishedOccurs when a paired remote manager requests to unpair from your manager.