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function GetDispatchInvokeArgs(CallDesc: PCallDesc; Params: Pointer; var Strings: TStringRefList; OrderLTR : Boolean): TVarDataArray;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE TVarDataArray __fastcall GetDispatchInvokeArgs(System::PCallDesc CallDesc, void * Params, TStringRefList &Strings, bool OrderLTR);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Variants System.Variants


Returns the TVarDataArray array of parameters specified in the CallDesc call descriptor in the DispInvoke method.

GetDispatchInvokeArgs is provided for internal use in DispInvoke. Normally, the programmers do not need to call GetDispatchInvokeArgs explicitly. GetDispatchInvokeArgs is notably intended to manage string references handled by the TStringRefList type parameters.

CallDesc is a TCallDesc dispatch call descriptor specified to the Invoke method. It identifies a method that was called using a Variant and describes the type and number of its arguments.

Params points to a dynamic array of TVarData records, where each element represents the value of an argument passed to the procedure.

Strings is a TStringRefList array of TStringRef string type parameters specified in CallDesc.

OrderLTR defines the direct (True) or reverse order of processing of TVarData records on the returned array.

Returns a TVarDataArray dynamic array of TVarData records. TVarDataArray arrays are primarily used by methods like DoProcedure and DoFunction of the TInvokeableVariantType class to pass a list of parameters to the dynamically invoked methods in a Variant variable.

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