System.Win.ScktComp.TClientSocket Events

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OnAcceptprotectedOccurs on server sockets just after the connection to a client socket is accepted.
OnConnectpublishedOccurs on client sockets just after the connection to the server is opened.
OnConnectingpublishedOccurs for a client socket after the server socket has been located, but before the connection is established.
OnDisconnectpublishedOccurs just before a client socket closes the connection to a server socket.
OnErrorpublishedOccurs when the socket fails in making, using, or shutting down a connection.
OnListenprotectedOccurs just before a server socket is opened for listening.
OnLookuppublishedOccurs when a client socket is about to look up the server socket with which it wants to connect.
OnReadpublishedOccurs when a client socket should read information from the socket connection.
OnWritepublishedOccurs when a client socket should write information to the socket connection.