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THeaderControl = class(TCustomHeaderControl)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION THeaderControl : public TCustomHeaderControl


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.ComCtrls Vcl.ComCtrls


THeaderControl is a container for THeaderSection objects. It provides a set of resizable column headers.

A THeaderControl is a set of column headers that the user can resize at runtime. Each header is represented by a THeaderSection object listed in the Sections property.

The header sections can be positioned above columns or fields of information. For example, header sections could be placed over a list box (TListBox). Because THeaderControl provides a generic header element that can be paired with virtually any other visual component, runtime manipulation of the header sections is not automatically extended to the components beneath it. If, for example, you want the column beneath a header section to be resized whenever the header section is resized, you will have to write a custom OnSectionResize event handler to accomplish this.

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