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typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TLVOwnerDataFindEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, TItemFind Find, const System::UnicodeString FindString, const System::Types::TPoint &FindPosition, void * FindData, int StartIndex, TSearchDirection Direction, bool Wrap, int &Index);


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typedef public Vcl.ComCtrls.hpp Vcl.ComCtrls Vcl.ComCtrls


TLVOwnerDataFindEvent is the type of a list view's Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataFind and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataFind event handlers.

Sender is the list view control in which a search has been requested.

Find specifies the type of search to perform (any of ifData, ifPartialString, ifExactString, ifNearest).

FindString specifies the item text to search for. FindString is ignored unless Find contains ifPartialString or ifExactString.

FindPosition specifies the point from which to start the search. FindPosition is ignored unless Find contains ifNearest.

FindData specifies the item data to search for. FindData is ignored unless Find contains ifData.

StartIndex specifies the index of the item from which the search should start.

Direction specifies the direction for the search (sdLeft, sdRight, sdAbove, sdBelow, or sdAll).

Wrap specifies whether the search should continue from the start of the list view control if no match is found.

Index is where to store the index of the found item. Set Index to –1 if no item is found.

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