Vcl.Controls.TMargins Properties

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BottompublishedSpecifies the bottom edge of the margin.
ControlprotectedSpecifies the control for which the margins apply.
ControlHeightpublicSets the height of the control.
ControlLeftpublicSets the starting point for the left side of the control.
ControlToppublicSets the starting point of the top of the control.
ControlWidthpublicSets the width of the control.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
ExplicitHeightpublicSpecifies the height for the control.
ExplicitLeftpublicSpecifies the horizontal coordinate of the left edge of a control, relative to its parent.
ExplicitToppublicSpecifies the vertical coordinate of the top left corner of a control relative to its parent.
ExplicitWidthpublicSpecifies the width for the control.
LeftpublishedSpecifies the left edge of the margin.
RightpublishedSpecifies the right edge of the margin.
ToppublishedSpecifies the top edge of the margin.