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Package vcldb.bpl


TDataSetActionTDataSetAction is the base class for action objects that act on dataset components.
TDataSetCancelTDataSetCancel cancels the edits to the current record, restores record display to its condition prior to editing, and takes the dataset out of edit mode.
TDataSetDeleteTDataSetDelete deletes the current record, making the next record current.
TDataSetEditTDataSetEdit puts a target dataset into edit mode.
TDataSetFirstTDataSetFirst moves a target dataset to its first record.
TDataSetInsertTDataSetInsert inserts a new record into a target dataset.
TDataSetLastTDataSetLast moves a target dataset to its last record.
TDataSetNextTDataSetNext moves a target dataset to its next record.
TDataSetPostTDataSetPost posts the edits in the current record of a target dataset.
TDataSetPriorTDataSetPrior moves a target dataset to the previous record.
TDataSetRefreshTDataSetRefresh refreshes the records in a target dataset.