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property AutoDisplay: Boolean read FAutoDisplay write SetAutoDisplay default True;


__property bool AutoDisplay = {read=FAutoDisplay, write=SetAutoDisplay, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.DBCtrls TDBImage


Determines whether to automatically display the contents of a graphic BLOB in the database image control.

If AutoDisplay is true (the default value), the image automatically displays new data when the underlying BLOB field changes (such as when moving to a new record).

If AutoDisplay is false, the image clears whenever the underlying BLOB field changes. To display the data, the user can double-click on the control or select it and press Enter. In addition, calling the LoadPicture method ensures that the control is showing data.

Change the value of AutoDisplay to false if the automatic loading of BLOB fields seems to take too long.

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