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property Proportional: Boolean read FProportional write SetProportional default False;


__property bool Proportional = {read=FProportional, write=SetProportional, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.DBCtrls TDBImage


Indicates whether bitmaps and metafiles should be changed, without distortion, so that they fit the bounds of the database image.

Set Proportional to True to ensure that the bitmap or metafile can be fully displayed in the database image without any distortion. The distortion may appear when the Stretch property is set to True. When Proportional is True, bitmaps that are too large to fit in the database image are scaled down (while maintaining the same aspect ratio) until they fit in the database image. Bitmaps that are too small are displayed normally. Proportional can reduce the magnification of the bitmap, but does not increase it.

When the database image resizes, the bitmap resizes as well.

To resize the bitmap so that it fits exactly in the database image, even if that causes distortion, use the Stretch property instead.

The default value for Proportional is False.

Note: Proportional has no effect if the Picture property contains an icon.

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