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TDdeServerConv = class(TComponent)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TDdeServerConv : public System::Classes::TComponent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.DdeMan Vcl.DdeMan


TDdeServerConv represents a DDE topic of conversation with a DDE client.

Use TDdeServerConv to establish a DDE topic with a DDE client application. Individual items under the DDE topic are represented by TDdeServerItem objects. These items are linked to the DDE server conversation by setting their ServerConv property.

Using a TDdeServerConv component is optional. Without a TDdeServerConv object, the client can still enter into a DDE conversation and receive an update directly from a TDdeServerItem object. However, a DDE server conversation is required to handle any macros that the DDE client may send.

The Name property of the DDE server conversation provides the topic used by DDE clients to establish a link to the DDE server conversation. DDE server items that are not associated with a DDE server conversation use the Caption property of the form for the topic name. Use a TDdeServerConv object when establishing multiple DDE topics in a single form, or when the Caption of the form may not be unique or constant at runtime.

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